Q:What does the course cover?

A:"Photographic L.I.G.H.T." covers everything from the very basics, such as: How an image is made/captured, camera settings and how to use those settings etc. It then goes into more advanced techniques such as: Designing your image with lighting, design and composition as well as developing your artistic eye.

"Photographic L.I.G.H.T" also touches on more specific subjects such as: Landscape Photography, Flower & Macro Photography, People Photography etc.

Q:How long is the course?

A:We figure it should take about 30 weeks. 1 week per lesson and 1 week per assignment. You can stretch this out to take long if you want, or you can go through it quicker it's completely up to you!

Q:Is there a time limit you have to finish by?

A:No. There is no time limit, "Photographic L.I.G.H.T." is completely self-paced. You can take 2 years or more to finish if you want, again it's up to you!

Q:Is there a specific time you have to start?

A:No, you can start at anytime, summer, winter, fall it doesn't matter!

Q:Is there any contact with anyone if I have have questions as I go through the course?

A:Yes. You will get the personal email address of the professional photographer. So as you go through if you have any questions at all or you don't understand something the photographer is right there to answer or explain as needed.

Q: What are the assignments?

A:There is an assignment after each lesson. These assignments have you going out and putting into practice what you just learned in that lesson. By going out and "doing" & "Seeing" for yourself HOW certain settings work and how different settings effect your images, it gets it to sink in and stick in your head so you completely understand.

Q:How do the "send-in" assignments work?

A:Half way through the course, starting at lesson 8, there are send-in assignments. These assignments require you to go out and create specific images, get them printed and then send them in. Those prints are then graded and critiqued personally by the professional photographer and then sent back to you.

Q: Why do you have to send in prints instead of sending them in online?

A: It is important to hold your image in your hands. By having to print your image it adds value to each picture you take. Plus, all monitors show different color. So if an image looks good to you, then we get it and look at it and it has an off color, you wouldn't be able to understand what color we were seeing and be able to fix it.

Q: What kind of camera or equipment to I have to have?

A:You do not have to have any special equipment or a fancy camera to do the course. The only requirement is that you have a camera where you can set your own exposures on (change the f-stop and shutter speed etc.). This is a digitally based course, so a digital camera would be the best. However you can do the course with a film camera as well.

Q:What are the principals or the basis of what "Photographic L.I.G.H.T." teaches on?

A:The basis of "Photographic L.I.G.H.T." is to teach the student how to create an image properly IN camera, rather than just "snapping" a picture and fixing it later in Photoshop. In this digital age people are getting lazy with all of the "auto" modes. So this gets you back to setting your own exposures, metering scenes, looking for light etc. and staying away from all of the "auto" modes.

Q: Does this course cover Photoshop or any other photo editing techniques?

A:No. "Photographic L.I.G.H.T." focuses on teaching how to create the image properly IN camera, so no photo editing techniques are taught on.

Q:How does the online student/teacher forum work? What are the advantages to this?

A:The online student/teacher forum is a great additional learning experience. There are random photo contests where you can win prizes, there are fun photo assignments, you can ask the photographer any questions that you may have, upload additional images that you are taking as you go through the course for commenting and/or critiquing on etc.

Q: How does "Photographic L.I.G.H.T" compare to other "at-home" courses on the market, cost wise?

A:"Photographic L.I.G.H.T." is the most cost effective "at-home" photography course on the market today. Other popular courses start at $800 and go up to $1000 and higher.

Q:Is there any inappropriate content or images?

A:No. "Photographic L.I.G.H.T." is a Christian based course, so you don't have to worry about any inappropriate content or images as you go through. Which is one of the many things that makes this course so unique from others offered out there. It is very hard to find anything art or photography related that does not contain inappropriate images etc.

Q:What do you get upon completion of the course?

A:There is a big "final assignment" the students are required to complete and upon completion they will receive a certificate of completion.

Q:Would this count towards any high-school or college credit?

A:This would count as high-school credit. How much credit depends on how long it takes them to go through the course. It does not however count towards college credit.

I hope that this helps to answer any questions that you have. If you still have questions that are not answered here, please contact us at: photographiclight@collettephotography.com or call: 515-710-9461