Course Overview

Photographic L.I.G.H.T

Photographic L.I.G.H.T is an all inclusive beginner photography course. Covering everything from the very basics of how an image is captured, and quickly going into more advanced lessons on creating photographs through lighting, composition, design, and developing an artistic eye.

You can do Photographic L.I.G.H.T from the comfort of your home! With send in assignments and an online student/teacher forum for interacting and getting additional learning.
Self paced so you can determine how long it takes you to finish, depending on how much time you have to dedicate to it.

We figure it should take you about a week per lesson and a week per assignment. There are 15 lessons, so that would be about 30 weeks. But you can stretch that out or do it faster; it’s completely up to you!

There is a test for each lesson. These are self graded tests, designed to help make sure that you are grasping and understanding everything that you are reading. If you don’t do so great on a test, that’s fine! It just means that everything that you just read didn’t sink in and stick with you. So go back and review it before you move on to the next lesson!

There are also assignments for each lesson. I figure the best way to learn photography is to go out and try it yourself! So there are detailed step-by-step assignments that tell you to go out and shoot images in different ways then compare the results. You can then see for yourself why one way worked and one way didn’t. This really helps to make sure that things sink in and are absorbed by being able to try it and see it for yourself.

When you get to the more advanced lessons, about half way through, there are “send in” assignments. This is where the student is required to create images and send them in. The images are then graded and critiqued personally by a professional photographer (the author of this course). This is really invaluable, getting specific feedback and tips from someone with years of experience and who does photography for a living!

There is also a student/teacher online forum that you can participate in. Where you can interact with the other students, upload additional images for critiquing or ask the photographer any questions that you might have, participate in random photo contest where you can win prizes, etc. There is so much additional learning in just this one aspect.

You will also get the personal email address of the Photographer. So that as you go through the course, if you have any questions, aren’t understanding something, or need help in any way you will get your questions answered and will be there to help you through the course as you need it!

It’s like being tutored personally!

This is the most cost effective photography course on the market today, for “at home” learning courses!

Also, as you know with photography these days it is hard to find books or courses that do not contain inappropriate images or content. With Photographic L.I.G.H.T you will never have to worry about there being any questionable content of any kind! This is a Christian based course, so all of the content and images are pure!

There is no age limit for this course. It is designed for anyone who has an interest in learning photography and improving their skills!

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~Live support from an Experienced Professional Photographer

~Current & Up to date Course Material, Information, and Technology

~Student/Teacher Forum for Displaying Images, Interaction, & Additional Learning

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I would be happy to answer any questions that you might have or help get you started pursuing the exciting realm of photography!